WPC: Cover Art

I thought last week’s challenge was difficult. But this week is not only difficult but very challenging. I have tried my level best and here are my entries for this week’s photo challenge theme: Cover Art

a) My cover art for the movie/book ‘The Motorcycle Diaries


b) Who doesn’t love to have some ‘Fun with Toy Trains‘ ? I know I do.


and finally since this is a season of festivity and weddings, if you looking for wedding cards, look no further. Saath Phere is a Hindu wedding ceremony. So I used it as the name of the card company (imaginary  name)


How did I do ?

I(‘ll) do

One of my colleagues is getting married and his wedding card was very cute. I couldn’t help but click it. I loved it. Different from the usual ones I see in rectangle or square shapes.


Well, I have only one advice for him 😉 :

The most important four words for a successful marriage: ‘I’ll do the dishes.’-Anonymous