SL-WEEK 4 : Weird Hollidays

For this week, Sylvain wants us to share about some photographs related to weird holidays. Here is a simple one.

Because there was this time in 2013 during my trip to Goa, where I fractured my ankle during the third or fourth day of the trip (it was a 9 day vacation) and after a day’s rest, couldn’t take it any longer and started going everywhere with my crutch. I hate being confined to a room during my vacation. Thanks to my friends, I missed only two days of the trip and the rest I took it slow but enjoyed it, even if I had to go and visit a couple of doctors, hope around with my crutch and another leg, hold on to my friends in case my swollen leg was gonna give up and come back to a 2 month bed rest and work from home 🙂 It was all worth it. 1-IMG_9688

And during the time when I was OK to walk to the beaches, saw a bull take a walk or rather run in the beach….1-IMG_8989