This is my first entry for Julie’s Weekly Travel Photo Event. Now that I am back from my recent travel, what better photograph to post than that of the place I have been waiting for so long to travel and see. AngkorWat is a place in Cambodia and it was not because of Lara Croft / Tomb Raider movie, trust me. I dont even remember when I first heard/knew about this place. Its been that long since I have been dreaming to see this place. And there were three failed attempts to travel to this place too.
I was glad to get up one very early morning to see the Sunrise (braving all the crowd over there), even though there wasn’t any Sun seen on that particular day (why was Sun hiding from me on the days I really wanted to capture his rise 😦 , it happened twice this trip) but nonetheless, I was glad to see this beautiful temple in the early morning glory, even if it was a little bit cloudy. (PS I bought a wide angle lens just for this trip so that I can capture this beauty)

I need to record the events of my travel in my travel blog, which I have been procrastinating. I will start on it soon.


WPC: Change

For this week’s photography challenge theme: Change
I always love the way the color of the sky changes during a Sunrise( or Sunset). These were taken in Nusa Dua,Bali during my recent trip. I was expecting it to be a bright sunny day, but apparently clouds had other plans.