Saturday Special

Mr M practicing his game. 😉 He decided to go solo after I whacked him in his arm (a you’ve been framed moment) during a game of Tennis.


I was telling you recently about how my iPad had some audio troubles and I have almost stopped using it. When I was back from the service center, I got myself thinking. I am able to use my Wii console to watch my Netflix (I have disabled my set top box account so no more TV). People must have had some solutions already available to be able to stream my contents from my iPad to the TV. So I checked out the free apps that are available on the console and saw that YouTube was available. I downloaded it. But it was asking me to login. So I checked online if there was a way and voila! there is was. Its like the Bluetooth pairing. You open the YouTube app on the Wii console, go to the settings and get the pairing code. Open the YouTube app on your phone or iPad, go to the settings and click on the Connect to TV option and enter the pairing code and after that you can use your Wii Console, and in turn your TV, as your screen. I was able to use that and play one of my saved videos for workout. It was cool.
Now, wouldn’t it just be easy to login to my YouTube account on Wii Console and go from there? It would but the keyboard typing is too difficult in that and would take me a long time to get to a YouTube video I am looking for. Using my iPad or my smart phone to type and get the video is quite faster. Now I have to check if I can do the same with my Skype. That would be amazing 😉

Article Reference:  Use Any Smartphone to Remotely Control YouTube on a Computer

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