Bang Bang

Yesterday, I heard one too many songs starting with Bang Bang. And started wondering how many of them I know very well.

One of my favorite Bang Bang songs. I hate the David Guetta’s version for the record. And I just love that movie.

I heard this first in Great Gatsby movie, the DiCaprio one and it is one of the songs that gets played in my Zumba class as well with some cool steps and I really like it too.

One from the recent Tamil movie Anjaan (the movie was very pathetic for the record) but since I am listing the songs I know, I remembered this.

The latest addition by Jessie J , Ariana and Nicki Minaj which I heard yesterday for the first time. It was cool. I liked Jessie J the most in this.

If you know any other songs with the same title, let me know.

What goes around

Yesterday while driving back from the yoga class, we hear the recent song by Will.I.Am and Cody Wise , ‘Its my Birthday‘. And immediately we knew which Indian song it was ‘inspired’ from (I know that this song has come in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu) . It’s called ‘Urvasi Urvasi‘ from the ‘Indian Michael Jackson – Prabhudeva’s ‘ first debut movie as a hero, Kadhalan, and this song was a super duper hit at that time. All youngsters knew this song by heart.

When that movie had come, every one mentioned that this tune was inspired by some other Western / Arabic song (I have no clue as to which one it is till date). Now it has inspired a Western song. Well, what goes around…. But this doesn’t have to a national news now does it ?   There are always ‘inspirations’ going on in the music industry.