AWAW: Frame

For this week’s word photography, I will go with my already published image which is also my current favorite.
A naturally framed selfie 🙂 IMG_5976

Artistic Windows

Ever since I started to write my travelogue of my Spain tour, I am revisiting my photographs during my trip and I am reminded of some nice ones that I took during the trip. For e.g. in this photograph, taken in Madrid in Gran Via road on our  way to a Flamenco Dance show, there was this small plaza that we crossed where there was this building.


But something about the building captured my eye. It was too colorful for a normal night. Then I stood for a second and tried to notice what the difference was (something I am interested in and if you are too, then you can try this game ) and then I noticed those windows.


I had to crop the other image to get a closer look at it. I had to make 3-4 attempts to let my friends know what I was actually showing them. It was sort of cute and well done and with the lights at night, it does capture one’s eye, only if we look up and notice it.

And there was this another building, while on our way back after our Flamenco on the same route where something looked off about the window when my friend pointed it out , while I was taking another picture.


It was as if the trees were grown as part of the building itself. Is that a fake one or a real one , we could never know. But it did a good view at night 🙂


“Every face, every shop, bedroom window, public-house, and dark square is a picture feverishly turned–in search of what? It is the same with books. What do we seek through millions of pages?” 
― Virginia WoolfJacob’s Room