WWC Finals

It has been a while since I watched a game of cricket in its entirety. But on Sunday, we managed to watch the Women’s World Cup Final which took place at Lords Cricket Ground (through TV of course). With India and England in the final, there was no way Mr M was gonna miss that, so I joined him. I was pleasantly surprised that this 50 over match did keep me engrossed and left me sad when India lost after getting that close to the target. They were doing pretty good with Raut doing her best, but we weren’t sure what happened to Mithali Raj during her run out and after that even though Kaur was doing her best to keep the momentum going, it was difficult for the batsman (or is there another term for women here???) because the batsman on the other end wasn’t keeping up. All in all, it was a good match and the better team won. I was also very happy to see a full stadium and popular Bollywood stars supporting the team. They also showed a piece about Rachael Heyhoe Flint who was a pioneer in the Women’s cricketing world. It was very interesting. I haven’t heard about her ever. Shows how little importance is given to women’s sports. Or may be I lost keeping track when I lost my interest in sports. Who knows! Thankfully, the weather also held up a bit. I was so worried because it had started to drizzle in our area and Lords wasn’t too far from our place. May be it was a sign of some bright moments in the future for women’s sports 😉

It is always a Dangal.

[Dangal can mean competition, wrestling, or wrestling arena]

Recently we watched the movie ‘Dangal‘ (a Bollywood movie). We liked it very much, even though it was a bit longer than normal. The story is very uplifting, sometimes cliched, based on a true story of course, and it is about women in wrestling in India. Not a small feat especially in a very patriarchal society. I have been waiting to write about it, but then I stumbled upon this article in womenweb.in by a young writer. She portrayed my thoughts very well. It was as if she read my thoughts, my doubts and in spite of those doubts she still liked the movie, just like me. So I thought it best to share her views (not a review, she says) and leave it at that.

Last year, I happened to see three very good movies in Hindi. One was Pink, the other Dear Zindagi, and the third one was Dangal (Since we saw Dangal over Christmas Bank holiday, I am counting it in the last years account). And surprisingly they were all women related, more uplifting, more positive and did well at the box office too. Changing trends? If only these kinds of movies could prevent the kind of incidents like mass molestation and such. It is such a shame, really and very sad too. We still have a long way to go.

What would you say?

Anyone knows the answer to this? Wanna give it a try and see if you are able to find the answer? 😉



Recently while driving through Hosur Road, Bangalore, we saw a cab which had the logo of WOW on it. It was driven by a woman. You don’t generally see many cabs driven by women. It had a pink symbol on it. But I couldn’t see very clearly what it was. And after that I totally forgot about it until today when the word WOW popped on my mind. I know of a WOW club which stands for Women of Wanderlust group where tours  (both national and international) are organized for and by women. I assumed this one with the cab must be something related to wheels. And the search led me to Women on Wheels group, where cabs are run by women for women. In a place where sometimes women in cabs (driven by men) are being raped or being asked for sexual favors instead of payment is very prominent, this is a big deal. But I don’t know if many women know about this at all. Since I don’t read newspapers anymore I am not sure if there are ads taken out for these cabs. I know that they don’t show up when you search for cabs in your local area. I hope they become more popular and they get more support from women. My friends used to mock that if I am ever out of a job, I can be a good cab driver. Now, I know a group which would take me in 😉 I will definitely try them out next time I take a cab.

A Box of Nothing , you say ?

I agree to most of the points…and I know for sure that I have trouble with my meditation, even though it is much better now and I am much better at multitasking than my male friends. Emotional??? Of course! But a box of nothing ? I leave that to the men to confirm it. So far, I have got only one confirmation from my guy saying ‘yes, we do have a box of nothing’. Am wondering what the rest of the men folk think 😉 ?