Wood burning

There was a news article yesterday that London’s pollution level is worse than Beijing’s and the wood burning is contributing to it to a large extent. I am still getting used to the changes in the weather here. And I feel that the pollution is much much less than Bangalore’s. So I wouldn’t be a good judge of it, but do people still burn woods? In the countryside, yeah, I can understand. When we were in Dunmanway, Ireland, in that small country cottage, they had all things available for a wood burner and we tried it one day, but the effort was too much to handle especially with my asthma troubles. So, we didn’t bother with it the next day. Went with the gas central heating instead. Where do they get wood from? How costly would that be, especially in a city? Even though I love to see a wood burning for aesthetic purposes, I don’t think I would use it for my own to warm me up. I am too lazy to clean up after that.

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