The day that went by

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. Too many things happened. I get tired today thinking about it. All good news, though 🙂 I got a new laptop in my office because the old one was out of warranty. When I had to copy all the contents from the old one to the new one, is when I realized how much junk I have accumulated over the 5 years of using that laptop. Irrespective of the fact that most of the content are in their respective folders, there still were enough stuff lying around everywhere and I didn’t know where to categorize them. It was almost the same effort as vacating a house. I took three days to get things backed up, find out the programs I had installed and installed them in the new one, make sure I am set and nothing is left out etc etc. Phew! And then I realized that as of yesterday I completed 13 years in this company. Again, Phew! Looking back it doesn’t feel like it even though the journey had its own ups and downs. It’s going to be very weird for me when I leave it. But I have been here when I have to be, have enjoyed myself, worked smartly and hard enough. The journey will go on and it might even take me to more exciting places, who knows 😉 Am I looking forward to it? Of course, Yes!

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After a while…

What happens when you go to office after almost 3 weeks of working from home followed by 2 weeks of vacation time?

a) You wonder if your ID card still works. When it does, you sigh a relief 😉

b) The chair in your location is already taken by someone else and you have to go hunting for another one from one of the conference rooms

c) You wonder when the name paper that is put up on your place was removed. Not that I put it up in the first place but I think it was removed sometime back, even though I can’t remember when. I know one of my project manager who is based in a different building always uses my work place when I ain’t in office. I suspect it to be his work. He is the only one who is pissed off when I go to office.

d) The toilets seemed too new to be good, which makes you wonder if they were ever that new looking or if they have done something there. I found out in the evening that all the toilets have been refurbished.

e) You expect the food in the cafeteria to be suddenly all exciting with a lot of options. Sadly, they remained the same, both in quality and in options. Lost hope there.

f) Your lunch mates ask if you had traveled abroad to HQ (office headquarters in US) for work. When I tell them, I was just working from home to get a project done at a short notice, they look at me like I am joking. But they don’t know how glad I was when I could finish the work without having to waste my time travelling to and from office.

Except for meeting my friends and catching up on our lives, it wasn’t that exciting anyway and it didn’t really matter to me with respect to work. The only advantage at this time if I go to office is that I wouldn’t end up over using my broadband at home. 😉



Waiting for a clue.

Ever since I got my Netflix Account, I have been having a blast, irrespective of the fact that work is pulling me down. I love watching mysteries. So I started with Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Season 1 & 2) and now I am onto The Bletchley Circle. When you are not able to solve a particular problem (mine … related to work) it is so satisfying when someone else solve a problem, especially related to a murder (much more important I should say) and be successful at it too.

Miss Fisher is sassy, jazzy and fun in her methods. I enjoyed watching each and every episode in that series. I think there are one or two more seasons. Have to get around to that sometime. The jazz songs were a bonus.

And The Bletchley Circle is getting interesting just now. They talk about pattern recognition, analysis of data etc etc…something that I can relate to at times. But I am glad that at least they are able to figure out something to work on. I am stuck on this work issue for the past couple of days. Urggh! I even went for an hour long walk to clear up my mind….Hope I see the light of this problem in a day.

TGIF – not yet…

Today is one of those days when I needed a extra cup of ultra strong South Indian Filter Coffee to start my official day.


It is not a TGIF for me, at least not yet. After a lackluster night, the early morning cup of Indian Masala Chai didn’t wake me up. So I had to get my coffee fix in office while I am waiting for people to start the conference. I don’t like it when people schedule these demos and conference calls at the last minute, especially on a Friday. Don’t these people have a life? or know what it means to reach Friday after jogging through the whole week? I am just waiting for the day to get over. God, give me strength.


Excuses, Excuses

“If only I had more time on my hand”. I have lost count of how many times I have used that excuse last week for not doing something that had to be done but didn’t end up doing it because I got my priorities mixed up and did something else instead. I hope that I don’t end up burning midnight oil at work, just because I was bored of the project and was slacking because I didn’t feel like working on it. Thank God I am an individual contributor and I still have quite some time left on my hands to get things done. I might have to stop that binge watching I have been doing on a regular basis (I finished Jesse Stone last week and also the new season of Endeavor) and get my work done instead. Well, I am off to work then.

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