Is it just about cricket ?

Yesterday was a big day in Indian Sports. India vs Australia World Cup semi final cricket match. No wonder the roads were empty, in spite of it being a week day and I had immense pleasure in driving through the streets with so less traffic and reaching office way earlier than I usually do during other week days. And to come to an office which was so empty that I could find my favorite parking spot empty…heavenly I say. Not to mention an empty wing with just a couple of people spread across the wide space. I go up to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and what do I see? The meager amount of people in the office have managed to setup a projector and were relaying the cricket match in a huge white screen. No wonder all the floors were empty. In fact a meeting that was scheduled in the cafeteria was moved later to a conference room. The patriotism of people here….(sighs) I am sure none of them left to their work place until the match was done. And yes, India lost, with a huge margin too. That sucks. I used to be an avid fan but since last year, I have somehow lost interest. And cricket here is almost a religion. So we cannot expect anything less than this. And it isn’t just my organization. It was the same in all of my friend’s work places too. And not to mention the kind of word wars that went on between friends regarding the match, who will win, why people are crazy about cricket etc etc. It reminded me of Hermione’s dialogue with Harry and Co. Sometimes I wonder if it is just about cricket at all.

“That’s the trouble with Quidditch,” said Hermione absentmindedly, once again bent over her Rune translation, “it creates all this bad feeling and tension between the Houses.”
She looked up to find her copy of Spellman’s Syllabary and caught Fred, George, and Harry looking at her with expressions of mingled disgust and incredulity on their faces.
“Well, it does!” she said impatiently. “It’s only a game isn’t it?”
“Hermione,” said Harry, shaking his head, “you’re good on feelings and stuff, but you just don’t understand about Quidditch.”
“Maybe not,” she said darkly, returning to her translation again, “but at least my happiness doesn’t depend of Ron’s goalkeeping ability.”

I am swearing off this sport

After extra time and some more, finally one goal and it wasn’t my team. Butterflying hell. Every time those men in white had the ball in their control, I had a slight palpitation. Its 3.10 am and I don’t think I will be making it to work tomorrow morning my usual time. It really sucks 😦 God!!! But these men in blue missed so much opportunities. My pillow had to the bear the brunt of my frustration. Oh Messi, why did it become so messy !!! (I know this sounds terrible, but I am slightly sore loser). But I should say the Germans did a fine job. Kudos to you guys (even if given with grunts)  and to all who were cheering for them.

I am pretty sure that after this I am not going to watch football ever. God! the amount of physical abuse that goes on in this game. Too much for my comfort. I just couldn’t handle it. Why do they have to get hurt or get hit or hit someone like that even though some were genuine. And all those headbutting. I felt the pain. Nope. Can’t handle it. Earlier I did say that I am better off without sports because of the way I handle it, but this sport has too much heat and hurt that my simple and mostly unused brain and overly used heart can’t get around to. And to put so much pressure on one guy, poor poor Messi.

Adios and Farewell Football.

See you at the finals

I am not a fan of football, too violent for my taste. But I have been checking out the status of the matches from the Quarter finals stage of this years FIFA World Cup. I cannot watch them because it is too late for me by then and I was not sure if I will be able to watch the whole game either. But I decided that if Argentina makes it to the Finals, I will definitely watch the game. Honestly, even though I don’t know anything about the teams or their strengths or weaknesses, I was a little upset when Spain lost and thought that the finals would be between Brazil and Argentina. Now that Argentina is there, I am gonna watch the match, especially for Messi even if I have to set an alarm to get up in the middle of the night (or the next day morning) for the game. I hope it is worth the effort. Go Messi!

When we were in Barcelona, on the request of an acquaintance we got him a FC Barcelona T Shirt with the name Messi  and number 10 written on it for almost 80 Euros from the Barcelona’s FC official shop. At that time, I thought he was crazy to buy a T Shirt with the name for that cost (apply the conversion rate and its a huge amount for a T Shirt) and that too from Barcelona. With the images and videos that I see during this World Cup, now I think he is just a kid and his action was very mellowed. All he wanted was a T Shirt.

Well, let me see how the final match goes. All I hope is that I don’t wake up my neighbors with my over enthusiasm that I usually have during these intense games. And if you are there, try not to sit too close to me. My punches can be a little painful.