WWC Finals

It has been a while since I watched a game of cricket in its entirety. But on Sunday, we managed to watch the Women’s World Cup Final which took place at Lords Cricket Ground (through TV of course). With India and England in the final, there was no way Mr M was gonna miss that, so I joined him. I was pleasantly surprised that this 50 over match did keep me engrossed and left me sad when India lost after getting that close to the target. They were doing pretty good with Raut doing her best, but we weren’t sure what happened to Mithali Raj during her run out and after that even though Kaur was doing her best to keep the momentum going, it was difficult for the batsman (or is there another term for women here???) because the batsman on the other end wasn’t keeping up. All in all, it was a good match and the better team won. I was also very happy to see a full stadium and popular Bollywood stars supporting the team. They also showed a piece about Rachael Heyhoe Flint who was a pioneer in the Women’s cricketing world. It was very interesting. I haven’t heard about her ever. Shows how little importance is given to women’s sports. Or may be I lost keeping track when I lost my interest in sports. Who knows! Thankfully, the weather also held up a bit. I was so worried because it had started to drizzle in our area and Lords wasn’t too far from our place. May be it was a sign of some bright moments in the future for women’s sports 😉