One item, many names

Brinjal… a species of the nightshade family, that which might cause itching for some, but is very rich in iron, is one of my favorite vegetables. Whenever possible I make sure I have sauteed brinjal. There have been various discussions about Bt brinjal and controversies and stuff, but let us not go to that topic. That is slightly boring.  If I say brinjal, how many of you really know which vegetable I am talking about? If you are one of those who can recognize it then I am very glad to hear it. Because whenever I visit the US, I have to correct myself and say eggplant over there. And if I happen to visit the UK, I should remember to use the word aubergine. I am not sure what other places has what names for this vegetable.  Why does a vegetable or fruit have so many names in so many places? How is one supposed to keep track?
It is the same with Zucchini and a Courgette. They are one and the same. Except that, they are different from cucumbers. I am not sure what the English Cucumber means, the ones I have seen in the stores here. They do look more like Zucchini, but well, what do I know.

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “egg.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Enjoy!


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