Fresh and New

Hope the New Year bloomed fresh and new for all like these Tulips.

WPC: Grace

For this week’s photography challenge theme: Grace, here are my entries

Ladies performing a flamenco dance near Seville Cathedral.


The Kalaripayatu performance with some graceful yogic movements.



Wakey wakey

I am one of those people who has three alarms to get up.  I have one at 6 am, 6.30 am and the last one at 7 am. And all those are configured only for weekdays. Weekends, I get up when I care to wake up 😉

I wasn’t always like this. I used to be an early bird when it was the only way to get hot water in a ladies hostel and of course when I was studying. One of my colleagues used to ask me to take time management classes because I used to go to office by 8.30 am and be back to the hostel at 5.30 pm and get all my work done on time too. No working on weekends either. And then life changed. I changed. I wasn’t in hostels anymore. And most importantly, I got older and wiser to make use of the work from home option 😛 and my colleague keeps pointing that out every chance he gets.

It was funny to see this video with some tips to wake up at 5 am. I have no clue why it was in my recommended list anyway.

Because nowadays, I don’t need any of these. Irrespective of the three alarms I still have on my phone, I wake up early (not necessarily get up from the bed, though) because I have got a husband who is an early riser. He is wide awake at 5.00 am and since I am a very light sleeper I know when he starts listening to his radio by 5.15 am. His early waking habit does come in handy when I have to be somewhere by 8 am or so. I don’t have to get up earlier than 6 am to switch on the water heater 😉 All is ready for me by that time. I don’t have a thing to complain and don’t need any tips either, but thanks anyways, YouTube 🙂

Wordless Wednesday 

Updates on TV Shows

(Inspector)Lewis: Completed 4 seasons or so. Was surprised to see Hathaway a bit grown up with a funky style to him. (I am a fan of Hathaway actually!) I can’t imagine Lewis without him, just like Sherlock and Watson.

The Wrong Mans: We just finished the first season of this. It is hilarious. I didn’t know James Corden produced and acted in this. Those two protagonists are very good.

Taboo: I have started to watch this on BBC Weekly now only because of Tom Hardy. It is going OK so far. Let’s see if it manages to hold my attention for the whole season. Mr. High Sparrow from Game Of Thrones is up to no good in this one heh! He usually isn’t in any series/movie.

Shooter: I loved the Mark Wahlberg movie and I really like Ryan Phillipe. Those two reasons are enough to make me watch this series weekly on NetFlix, even though I still think it should have been just left with a movie version.

Sherlock: Of course I have started watching them. But only two episodes completed. We wanted it to be our Weekend Watch program instead of spending an hour and a half during the weekday evenings. Mr. M’s first foray into modern Sherlock wasn’t up to a good start. Thankfully the second episode made up for a tepid first one.

Death in Paradise:  Another one of our Weekend Watch program. I have absolutely loved all the previous seasons and was so glad when they came up with the new season. Again, the first episode wasn’t too captivating with its story, but the second one was good. Welcome back Dwayne 😉

Selfridge:  Just as a break from Lewis we started on this one. We are only one episode old, but it looks very grand doesn’t? The jury is out on this one. Too early to judge.