WPC: Local

For this week’s photography challenge, here is a night view of my city, Coimbatore, in the background, with one of the beautifully decorated mandapams (a covered structure) of a very famous local temple, which is also a tourist spot. The temple is situated in Marudhamalai, a small hilly area, and the night view is always awesome from there.


WPC: Shine


May God shine His light on our way on this special day🙂 !


No date of birth

Today, a lot of stuff depends on the birth date. That is one of our identifying factors. What if we don’t have one. What would we do? Will it make any difference at all?

Recently my maid was telling me about her visit to the doctor because she thought she was going through menopause. She was having all those symptoms and her health wasn’t what it used to be. So she wanted to check with a lady doctor and see if there was anything that she need to take care of. When doctor asked her about her age she told her that she had no idea and went ahead with the story. I asked her to rewind a bit. I thought I heard her wrong. But she repeated the same thing to me and says ‘How would I know my date of birth. Those days people didn’t bother registering the births or deaths, did they ?’ So, I asked her how she knew she was going through menopause. Because she doesn’t look any older than 45-50 years. And she is quite healthy with all that house hold work she does and she is fit too. All muscles and no fat at all. I have seen her get sick with cold often but that is all.

That got me thinking. She doesn’t have any records of her birth at all. She has some cooked up dates for the other forms that needs to be filled, like the Aadhar card that has become kind of mandatory over here. She recently had to open a bank account along with her second girl because only then her girl will be given the scholarship money for her studies. I know lot of people change their date of birth to accommodate the kids schooling year. For e.g. if they were born in July – Dec, they would either have a date selected in March so that they can admit the kid that year instead of losing a year. I know lot of people who have done that. I am not sure if they do it anymore what with part of the registration being done at the hospitals. But no idea at all about one’s own date of birth? I just couldn’t imagine it. Can you? She is cool and goes on with her work and life and it hasn’t affected her one teeny tiny bit at all. The only effect it had was on me leaving me bewildered.

Wordless Wednesday 

Close to home

Recently I saw a movie and read a book which involved incidents much close to home (mine at least). Let me start with the movie

Pink (Hindi) – My friend and I went for this movie. It was a total cry fest for her. I managed to hold it until the very end and the last scene where a lady constable shakes the hand of the lawyer appreciating him silently for stating the obvious and standing up for all the women, I lost it. This movie is very much appreciated by all. I am sure the scenes could have been done a bit better. Sometimes it felt like there was too much silence to increase the dramatics which wasn’t really necessary in this movie. The dialogues are the best. It also shows clearly how women are treated in this society (may be in many societies) It also introduces us to some of the unknown legal terms like Zero FIR. It is a must watch for all. I know some of my colleagues who have the same mentality as the guys in this movie. I wish they would watch this movie.

Exhume (Dr. Schwartzman #1) – One of the Kindle Unlimited discoveries. A women who escapes an abusive relationship and becomes a forensic expert is given a body to examine and that throws her off badly because it looks just like her. When she thought she was far away from her narcissistic husband apart from his occasional flowers and cryptic messages, here is a proof that things are getting much darker for her. Is she just imagining the relationship between this girl’s death and her husband’s involvement in it or has he really gone to an extreme to kill someone to threaten her. This story follows Annabelle and her quest to be free from her abusive husband who is not ready to leave her be. It was quite gripping and are left to wonder along with Annabelle if it is indeed her husband or is it just coincidence. As always in such cases, there are some good friends of hers who come to her rescue. Gave 4 stars in Goodreads.