May we welcome this New Year with lots of love, compassion, civility, common sense, tolerance, respect, goodwill, and loads of smile.

Happy New Year to one and all.


End of an Era

As of today, we finished watching all the episodes of Agatha Christie’s Poirot starring David Suchet. We have always liked a good detective series and Agatha Christie’s is one of the best. It was bitter sweet to see it end. What will we do for our Sunday afternoon viewing now 😦 ?

Poirot, Hastings, Japp, and Ms Lemon made such a good team. They were always good fun. There was a subtle humor in the earlier series. The encounters between Japp and Poirot were so funny sometimes. As the series moved towards the late 90’s, it started becoming slightly darker. Hastings, Japp and Lemon are replaced with Ms Oliver, who is OK, but I preferred Hastings and Lemon by Poirot’s side. We were glad to see Hastings make a comeback for the last one and all of them get together in a couple of episodes before. We missed the humor in the later ones as it became darker and darker. The series was brilliant and the darkness suited the episodes well but I guess I wanted to see Hastings and Japp more 😉

I haven’t read any of the books depicted in the series (except may be a couple) but one day I would love to read all of them and then re-watch the episodes again. This is one series which I can watch again and again and never get tired of it.

I am sad to see it end but glad to have watched it all. Until next time, old chap!

Day trip to Kalady and Athirapally

Finally, got around to writing about the day trip we took during our recent visit to my home town in India.

Memoirs of my travels

During my recent trip to India, amidst all the election campaigns going on, we decided to brave the heat and go for a quick trip to Kalady and maybe visit Athirapally falls also if we don’t faint from the heat.

We made not so early start, around 8.15 am from Coimbatore. It was almost 3 hours to Kalady, the birthplace of Adi Shankara. I remember being there, especially to the Sthoopam, during one of my school or college visits. It was 34 degrees with a real feel of 44 degrees. We were getting exhausted just being inside the car. We reached the Sthoopam at around 11.15 am. IMG_20190418_121309

This place hasn’t changed much over the years (or even decades). The entry fee is only 5 Rs. I wonder how they manage to keep this place up. It could do very well with a good coat of paint and the lovely…

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