All meat and no bones

The Bone Collector – That is what came to my mind when I read that word. I LOVE that movie. I have watched it every single time it is shown in TV. Denzel Washington acts just with his face. And one of my favorite Angelina Jolie’s movie. Oh yeah, something else coming to my mind related to bones. My brother, until one day when he decided to really grow up, was the shortest and puniest of the lot. He was all bones and no flesh. We could even count his ribs. Everyone who knew my parents would ask them if they were feeding him at all. He was the only person in the household who would eat anything and everything at anytime. And there I was, looking like I have been stealing and eating his share of food too 😦 But now, after all these years, he is slightly obese for his own good, and I have been trying to get him to workout more. I bet his own children wouldn’t recognize him from his old photographs. Hmm.. that is something I should try and check out. Will be fun 😉

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To dear brother

Tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan day. A day to celebrate the love and affection between brothers and sisters. Mostly celebrated in northern parts, the culture is now very common among all youngsters. Mostly if the girls want to keep the guys at a arms length they just tie a rakhi (a thread to denote the strong bond between them) and make them their brothers 😉 . Where the sisters pray for the health and prosperity of their brothers, the brothers in turn vow that they will protect and cherish their sisters their entire life. In our fitness class one of the sweet young woman I really like, tied a very unique rakhi to my friend (they both look like twins in more than one ways). The reason, apart her considering him as her brother, is that he is now obliged to gift her something 😀 And the poor guy did not know what to gift her. She has given him time till Monday to figure it out.


And yes, the guy does look a little like Harry Potter (or at least the grown up version of him) without the specs. It was a very cute moment.