Love Actually – Breezy

After my previous movie disaster, I really wanted to see a good romantic movie this weekend, so that I can have a good week ahead ;). So I chose Love Actually. Sometimes all you need is a good and breezy love story to make you smile and more the happy endings, the more the pleasure. And this movie, thank God, did not disappoint me, more so because it not only has these happy endings in plenty, but also the variety of love. Between the father and son, between older couple, younger ones, friends…all kinds. Especially the kid’s. I know of a kid (my friend’s son) who did this actually. He came home one day and sort of confessed to his mom that he was (past tense) in love with a girl younger than him, but asked her not to panic, because he is over it now. God, myself and my friend, had a good laugh that day and were equally worried as to how to handle these kids of today. Watching the kid in this movie, reminded me of him.

There is a host of actors whom I like. I love Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Snape a.k.a Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Kiera Knightley. To watch them all in a single movie…well it was pleasant. What is with Hugh Grant, every time, every single time, I see him dance his dance, I just can’t stop laughing. He really made my day in this movie. Colin Firth, he is the best Darcy ever. Its not that all of them get their good endings. There are a few characters who are not that lucky, but they atleast try. That is what it counts. I like these Christmas movies, all about love, hope, happiness. Its mushy, true, but we need that from time to time, don’t we?

I should say that I am happy now that I watched this movie and it definitely made me feel good, even though it is all clichéd and predictable. I wasn’t looking for anything to make me think. I wanted to watch something to make me feel light and this movie did it. And that is all it counts for now.

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