ISFJ it is then

When I stumbled upon Anne Squared (thanks for the follow Anne 🙂 ), I got intrigued with the personality trait. Having an astrologer in the family has its own advantages and disadvantages. If not for anything else, I get very curious with these kind of things, astrology, personality types etc…even though I don’t understand them fully, I love to read it. Its amazing when someone tries to figure you out without even knowing you isn’t :). I know that there is some science and mathematics involved in them (thanks again to the Astrologer in the family). We do have courses in India where Astrology is taught as an Art (or a Science I am not sure). So I sort of believe in them, and yet take it with a pinch of salt and don’t depend on them like a life line. Its all about permutations and combinations. More on that sometime later. Back to the topic. So, when I was going through her posts, I wanted to try to see which personality I belong to, again. Because I remember doing this sometime last year, when one of my friend was discussing this with me. He sort of predicted me to be ESTJ personality and I did take a test from the link he had sent and found it to be ISFJ. It was a year ago and I had forgotten about it until yesterday night. If I remember correctly, I saw something of this sort in OM’s blog too (but don’t have the link..but again that is just a memory of my reading it…not even sure about it). So I took the test again (which were from different sites and slightly different questions) and yet again found myself to be categorized as ISFJ personality.

The actual outcome was: Strength of individual traits: I – 38%, S – 12%, F – 12%, J – 11%.

Among all the other things I found , I found two things slightly off the track regarding the other people belonging to this trait.

Melanie in Gone With The Wind : I wish I was a little trimmed down version of Scarlet than Melanie (not that I like her, but she is too good to be true. no ?). Being plain black or white is boring. Shades of Grey (not the fifty ones) in a character is good , gives some variety 😉

St. Teresa of Avila (Teresa de Jesus) : This was too much … To have such a great human in the list of ‘my’ personality trait 🙂 Talk about peer pressure.

I know I will forget about this sooner (even though the event will remain somewhere in some part of my brain) and if I take it again after a year, I think I will get the same result.


5 thoughts on “ISFJ it is then”

    1. When I took it last year I remember feeling bad that it portrayed me a little soft in character, which I didn’t want :). Now this time when I got the same result I realised that I can’t change a few basic characteristics no matter how tough I try to be. And these types tell you that exactly.


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