Brave – Nostalgic

I recently read a nice post on this movie, Brave, by a fellow blogger and my curiosity for this movie increased. I have been waiting to see this movie for quite some time now. I have always liked and loved animation movies (my favorites among them are Finding Nemo, Cars 1, Tangled, Ice Age 1, Shrek 1). I am also trying to encourage my nieces and nephew to watch them (My nephew has already worn out the Cars DVD that I have got he is on the right track.. Have to work a little more on my nieces now).

This story is about the mother-daughter bond , much like a parallel to Finding Nemo. But it also reminded me of another non-animation movie Freaky Friday, which had a very similar theme, except that they don’t switch souls, but there is still witch craft and magic involved. My first surprise was the location of the story. Scottish Highlands. Ever since I have been there, I have been fascinated by that place. I really love it. I wish I could go there again and spend more time (or even relocate if I get a chance 🙂 ). The accent of Merida is very pleasant to hear. I am not going into the story line coz there isn’t much to tell other than what the Wikipedia tells you and it is quite a small movie too.

But what surprised me was the character of Merida and how much it reminded me of myself and the tussle I have had over the years with my mom over the very things she fought with her mom :). At least in the movie, we have an happy ending. But in real life we still struggle to find a common ground :). Its not that we don’t love each other, its just that our opinions on a few things vary so drastically, it always is difficult to find the balance. It also tells you that being brave is not a physical characteristic, its more about mental strength. There was a time when I fought with my mom over the concept of marriage and she gave me the same lecture which Merida received. It was really nostalgic to see those moments on screen and replay what happened in my life. I am not nostalgic by nature and I don’t dwell on things or events of the past (would rather focus on the lessons from it , not the actual events), but this movie triggered a few emotional memories.

A sweet short Disney movie, but it doesn’t get to my favorites list though.

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