If I should have a daughter

I like poetry but not so much as anything else I read. From time to time I read the ones in the blogs I follow and sometimes I understand and connect to, but sometimes I am a little dumb and can’t figure out what they are trying to say. But Sarah Kay‘s poem ‘If I should have a daughter’, I could connect very well. I loved it. If not anything else, check out her first poem and the last one (almost at the end of the video) about Hiroshma. And she tells them very passionately.

The transcript is here , in case you don’t want to listen to the whole stuff.


4 thoughts on “If I should have a daughter”

  1. That is a really outstanding video! It really made me think about writing/reading/poetry… “Things you know are true” is a wonderful brainstorming idea. Thanks for sharing it.


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