Is Texting good for the language ?

I came across this video yesterday and liked it. We all text. I used to not text much earlier, what with my earlier primitive phone and its small and hard keys and my big fingers, which ain’t a good combination at all. But with the new touch screen and a bigger and cooler phone and thanks to WhatsApp and the groups that I am part of, my texting has increased almost by 75% if not more. And half the time the auto correct does the work by itself by suggesting appropriate words even before I could think of them,ย even though there have been times when it has done more damage. Not to mention the spell check facility. That doesn’t still prevent me from interchanging words like magnanimous and magnificent or humming tree and hanging tree… I ain’t no linguist but then texting at this age does help a lot and yes, as this professor says, I wouldn’t use the same abbreviations ย (even though I don’t do that unless I am tired or pissed off) I use on my texts when I actually write something else like this post or an email etc. It would be very weird. ย What do you think ? Do you agree with the professor ? Is your vote yes or no, on this topic ?

13 thoughts on “Is Texting good for the language ?”

  1. I always hear the bullshit that texting can make us illiterate. Well, I don’t think that texting can make me illiterate at least. If you have a firm foundation of the English language (or any other language), something as trivial as texting…

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      1. Right, but you know howpeople… especially the media like to over dramatize things and blow them up out of proportions.


        1. People get sooo deep in texting ruining your brain and stuff.. Opinions, just opinions. ๐Ÿ˜Žit’ll be okay i promise. World has survived with opinions this long..pretty sure it’ll last longer with them increasing


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