Meetings and Anarchy

Might be categorized as Rant

I really hate my official conference calls and meetings. It always runs more than the scheduled time. Never has it ever started or ended on time. And it is always in a state of anarchy within a few minutes of it starting. Especially when there are top folks are involved. They never seem to read the emails which are sent with the updates. They would want people to explain the status email update and waste everyone else’s time. What is the point of the email then? I always try and excuse myself from these meetings unless it is a blocking issue. But this week, they pulled me into some blocking issues and meetings to resolve them and all I kept seeing was pure chaos. Not that the issues weren’t resolved, but the meetings were a disaster. With their funky and swanky smart phones and email and all official apps configured to keep track of the projects in their finger tips, I wish these people would read their emails before coming to the meetings. But I know it is a wish that will never be fulfilled.

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7 thoughts on “Meetings and Anarchy

  1. Stuff like that used to drive me nuts. We had an all-afternoon staff meeting once where the guy running it started right on time, and showed a slide at the beginning with the agenda. He asked if anyone noticed what was missing… he hadn’t scheduled a break. “You gotta go, get up and go,” he told us, because he was tired of a 20-minute break taking an hour. That’s the only meeting in almost 40 years of working that ever started and ended on time…

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    1. Would love to be in such a meeting. It should be short and sweet. May be its the age, but after max of 20 mins, I go into coma with my eyes open, especially when I have nothing to say and nothing important to hear.


  2. That’s one reason to be happy to work in a supermarket as a sales assistant. You do not have to bother with calls like that. I think they would certainly drive me crazy. Here something to cheer you up … hopefully 🙂

    Congratulations! I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award.

    I awarded you because I believe you have an excellent blog and I want to introduce it to my readers. This award is great for that.

    But I also know that awards are a lot of work, and they do not fit in every blog. So feel free to take part if it tempts you and if not go on with what you do best: Your blog!!!!!!


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