Sunday Diners – ****

Now that I have got my Kindle Paperwhite and have associated my Kindle and Goodreads to it, it is so easy to track my books and my ratings. Now that I am also subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, I get my hand on all new books much sooner 🙂


So as you see, after ‘The Short Drop’ I have finished a whole romance series (some of them didn’t get updated correctly because I was out of my Wi-fi range and it got updated much later and hence the dates going haywire) and as of today finished another book called Sunday Diners, a family drama.

I took my time with it, because …well, it needed it. Yes, it does need some patience to read. Because it is a story which we can relate to very easily. It was like seeing my own life (along with that of my family’s) being written down in English and reading it back again. Just like my family, this family of Greg also has three kids with Lucy being the eldest (just like me 😉 ), Matt, the second one in the family (just like my brother) and Holly, the last kid (just like my sister). It matches so well you know. So I didn’t want to rush it and get going. But apart from bits and pieces it isn’t related to us in any way at all (if you exclude the eldest daughter syndrome that I share with ….well all eldest daughters in the world, or the only boy in a family always has a loud mouth and says the most inappropriate things at the very inappropriate times or how the youngest daughter always feels that she is an unwanted addition to the family… all of these I think are pretty common and not specific to one single family yeah? and that is where the similarity (sadly) ends) But it was fun to read about a family not from one person’s perspective, but from everyone’s perspective in different time frames told on the day of their famous Sunday Roasts, which is sort of a tradition.

Their ups and downs, their pains and laughter, their success and failure, their love and hatred…everything that makes them a family. One spoiler alert. It ends on a happy note.  So it’s all good. The way each one of them sees a particular event with a different perspective actually makes you think. I am sure, I will forget all about it in a week, but it was quite fun to read it and relate a lot of that to your own experiences. No big twist or turn in this story. It is simple but since it’s about a family and about life, it is as complicated as life can get even in the simplest of terms.

It does make me want to call up my family and have a small get together just to share some nice moments with them. I am definitely gonna have it when they are gonna be here during the kid’s vacation. It felt nice to read something like this and feel good about it too. I am sure that this book may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I gave it 4 stars because I could relate to it and felt good about the whole story.


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