A book and two movies – views

I picked up “All the Good Parts” by Loretta Nyhan because of its reviews and I wanted something for the journey and leisure read. Finally, after 3-4 days, finished it yesterday. It was surprisingly good. It was more realistic except for maybe the final chapters. It wasn’t the usual romance story that I get to read. The story line was different. I am not sure how people will like the religious parts of it. But I really enjoyed this good novel.

After a long time, I watched movies on the flight. One of them which I found so entertaining was ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘. It was on my list for a long time but never managed to pick it up. When I saw that on the list I decided to forgo my sleep and tick that off my list. What a lovely and very entertaining movie 🙂 I did not know that it had such an extensive list of known actors in it.

Me before You‘ – I almost didn’t watch it. When we saw the trailer earlier, it was too cheesy and my husband said that he wouldn’t watch it ever. So I decided to give it a try during my flight so as to not torture him. It was OK, not something I would enjoy much but realized that the trailer portrayed a totally different story line when compared to the actual one. And hey, there is Neville Longbottom in there. How grown up does he look in that 😯

2 thoughts on “A book and two movies – views”

  1. Neville in “Me before You”??? Oooooh now you say it, is he Patrick??? Wow, didn’t even notice! you’ve got the eye! I actually enjoyed the movie. I read the second book though and was utterly disappointed, in spite of loving to reunite with Lou and her great sense of humor.
    And “The Grand Budapes Hotel”?!! Oh my, I laughed so much! I guess Wes Anderson is just funny is his own way because it’s a little bit in the same genre as “Moorise Kingdom” and there’s a very peculiar kind of humor there too; I love the way he shoots and the out-of-the-ordinary plots.

    Happy reading and screening!

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