Languages – Funny things they are…

I have started to learn Welsh (as part of work, we get to do a course for free) and I just finished learning numbers. I cannot help but see the similarities between the pronunciation of those numbers in Welsh and Hindi (even though Hindi ain’t my native language). Here is a table where I list the way the numbers are pronounced in Welsh and Hindi. In Welsh, the vowels are different from English and the actual pronunciation is in the brackets.

NumberWelsh (pronounced as)Hindi
1un (een)ek
2dau (dai)dho
3tri theen
5pump (pim)paanch
6chewch (quekh)che
8wyth (aith)aat
9naw (nau)nau

Not much different are they? Wonder how they got to be this similar in pronunciation of the numbers. Will I find any more similarities the more I learn the language?

4 thoughts on “Languages – Funny things they are…”

  1. Many European languages have their origins in Sanskrit just like Indian languages. I remember reading an article on how some words in Lithuanian and Sanskrit are very similar. Other than that what always fascinates me is also the way different languages use similar seemingly odd prepositions and usage of same kind of proverbs/idioms is also interesting (eg: crocodile tears; magarmach ke aansu and we have the same in malayalam as well). Not sure if people just copy it from a language or if there’s some Jungian collective unconscious at play here.

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