I was temporarily offline for almost 10 days because of network issues. It got resolved yesterday. I could have blogged using my phone, but I have never been a fan of that. Checking blogs through the phone is not very convenient for my eyes. So here I am, back again and this time for WPC I am going with the photographs from an exhibition we went here in London. We like to visit these exhibitions which are free and of course temporary in nature that showcases elements belonging to a very specific topic. This time it was “Illuminating India” It was interesting and it was fun to see an autorickshaw on display 😉 Here are some photographs from that event.

A night of good music

Ever since we heard Jake Lukeman at the opening of Imelda May’s show, Mr M became a fan of his. I liked his songs and he was able to hold the audience’s attention not to mention them laugh out a lot at his humour, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a fan, as of yet. Will I go to watch him perform? Of course. He is really very good. We were at his solo performance last Wednesday at a quaint little church called St Pancras Old Church. This is my first time visiting that church. It has its own history. This church is also the venue of such solo artists. There were many such performances listed on their board. The venue is small and compact, it became something of a private performance if you know what I mean.

The opening at 8 pm was done by Fraser Anderson, a Scottish artist. He was also very good. More emotional in his songs and his poetry was awesome. 

Jack started his performance at 9 pm and went on until 10.30 pm. The church had its own piano, so both the performers made use of the same and we were delighted to hear them perform without a band or loud instruments.

The acoustics at the church was amazing. You might have to learn to sit on those wooden pews for 3 hours or so (or in our case some foldable chairs). That might only be the downside. But you can get up and stretch your legs whenever you feel cramped. Jack’s sense of humour, his way of engaging with the audience making them take part in his gig was the biggest plus point. A couple even did an impromptu dance number for one of his songs. Like I said, it felt like a private performance for us, all thanks to the beautiful venue and the talented artists.

Not formal

I am not a “formal”  person.  I don’t do formal in conversations or in clothing.  After, I don’t know when was the last time, a very long time I had to dress up formally today for an event.  Turned out that it wasn’t a necessity 🙄 After going through the trouble of shopping,  trying out clothes,  wearing formal shoes etc etc etc  (you have no clue to the amount of whinging I did during the shopping. Mr. M should be applauded just for putting up with that)  I might as well be in my jeans and tops.  Formal clothes in India is different from formal clothing in the UK  and I now know that I am not good with either.  Give me casuals any day or my lounge wear.  

2016 – Doubly Exposed!

When I was wondering how to represent this year through my photographs which will also be depicting the important events in my life, I stuck upon the idea of picking up events and making them into a single photograph using double exposure and image overlays. Not all of them are good, but I liked the idea so stuck with it.

I used Zoner Photo Studio, Pixlr, DPP to get these results.

First, let me start with travel,

Chennai: (a photograph of the roof of one of the biggest malls in Chennai & the popular Kabaleeshwarar Temple, my first visit to these places)


Munnar: I visited Munnar twice in 2016, so picked two photographs from those trips and created this one. munnar2016

London & Ireland: I visited London and Ireland (Cork mainly) in May. So I decided to club them together 😉 londonireland2016

Brighton & Hampi: One is a sea side city and the other an archaeological city and of course they are in two different countries too. But I thought these two went well together. What do you think?hampibrighton2016

Now to the events:

Supermoon and Marudhamalai Temple: I wanted to sneak in the super moon photograph and found that the night photograph of this historic temple in Coimbatore made a good canvas for the same.


My engagement and marriage 😉 The place where Mr M proposed and my favorite photograph of our marriage (just the rings of course) along with the famous Khalil Gibran’s quotes made for a nice event photograph. Don’t you think so?


Departure and Arrival: A photograph of one of my friend’s son playing with one of my throw cushion when they visited me for my send off party along with the bouquet my husband got for my arrival in UK. moveandarrive2016

And finally, my first Christmas with Mr M: A Photograph of the choir we attended and the Winter Wonderland fair photograph combined. christmas2016

That pretty much sums it all 😉 It took me around 1 hour to get them sorted out. Some of them could have been much better. But given the time crunch, I decided to just go with the first cut.

I know that people are just waiting for 2016 to get over asap. It hasn’t been a good year in general, but I am glad that I was blessed with good events in this year and I am thankful for that. And I sincerely pray and hope that the good times continue in 2017 and that it brings with it hope, good health, peace, and positivity in the New Year for one and all.

Stay Safe! Happy Blogging! Happy New Year!

A wake up call!

Before I get into the wake up call, let me give you some context here.

When I moved into my flat years ago (this was when my ex was residing next door) I had installed an iron gate before the door for additional security (my ex had a set of keys for my flat and he was causing lot of trouble at that time). Locking that iron gate was mandatory. That was my primary safety door since I was the only one who had that key. Ever since my ex moved out of his flat, I haven’t been locking that door every day. I do it once in a while when I remember. My apartment complex is pretty secure and the watchman and their family (the watchman’s wife is my house maid) have kind of adopted me and they look after me. I haven’t had any issues so far. So I literally stopped locking my iron gate at nights. Also, unless I get up for my gym, I usually switch off my alarms (two with a half an hour in between them) and go back to sleep until my maid rings my door bell. And my door bell sings a song for close to a minute and then says ‘Please open the door’ at the end of it. Not an ideal one to hear in the middle of the night for sure. Not to mention that it is a plaything for my friends whenever they visit. Thanks brother for getting me that door bell.

Yesterday early morning I hear the door bell sing and I wake up thinking, I did it again. I overslept. Why can’t I get up for the second alarm…blah blah blah. And then make my way to the door thinking that it would be my maid. But then something felt wrong and I realize at the last minute (just one more latch to be removed to open the door) that it is still dark outside. I switch on the light and see the time and its 4 am. I am awake instantly. I am like what the hell! who is there at my doorstep at 4 am. My brother didn’t tell me he is on his way for his business or anything. I see through the peep hole and see a scowling fellow who had opened the iron gate (it was not locked but latched from inside) and ready to open my door. I have never seen that fellow ever before in my life. I instantly panic a bit and ask him with my rudest voice about who he was and what he wanted. He immediately looks around wondering where the voice is coming from and says that he is the cook. I am like why the hell someone would tell that they are a cook if they wanted to do me some harm. probably he is a cook…but what is he doing at my place then. I then ask him which house number he wants and he looks around wondering why he is being asked these questions. I immediately ring my watchman but then after a couple of rings cut the call and check through the peep hole once again to check if he was still there. Lo and behold, the guy has vanished. I wait for sometime to check if my theory was correct and there, after a minute I hear another door bell ring. And I decide that he had indeed got the flat numbers wrong.

I lost my sleep in the process wondering about all the what if’s. I was thinking if this wake up call was for me to be more careful here on and lock the iron gate irrespective of whether it is safe or not. I almost opened a door for someone in my sleep addled state without checking. If the iron gate was locked it would definitely be an added protection in the worst case scenarios too. I told my maid in the morning about this incident because she was wondering why the iron gate was not latched from inside. She knew the cook and told me that she will talk to him. And by that evening she did indeed tear him apart 🙂 Poor fellow.

The result of this early morning wake up call was that I ended up locking my iron gate again, at least during the nights and I also realized that even in my extreme sleepy state, I managed to think rationally and not panic and cause a commotion. I did end up sleeping after 6 am until my maid came and rang the bell again 😉

Getting back to the groove…slowly

It has been a while since I posted (close to two weeks now to be precise) except for those two odd photo posts this week 🙂 Life has been as chaotic and peaceful as it can be. Peaceful at home, Chaotic outside. Perfect balance 😉 Since I am getting back to the blogging groove slowly (work starts only next week! yay!!!) here are some interesting news and events that happened.

The city I live in, Bangalore, had some interesting turn of events of late, mostly related to water sharing and violence, spoiling a lot of my plans for the two week, but eventually we figured our way around those events, as we all usually do, even though they weren’t very ideal. But at least we and all the people we know were safe. That counts a lot. Also got to show my non-Indian close friend how curfew over here looks like at least in this part of the town where we live. 🙂  He takes away with him some very interesting experiences. I hate that this happens every year and people aren’t ready to sit and find an ideal solution. Everyone want their piece of 15 min of fame and a lot of political gain through these situations when common men and women suffer (farmer or not).

Did a small trek in Munnar (was on a day trip there) which was interesting. Will share some photographs later. Witnessed a nasty monkey fight for the first time.  Now, I am very much convinced that we evolved from them. (See above paragraph for more references 🙂 )

Imagine my surprise with all that star signs and Zodiac changing news that came up in between all these. My friend (who knows astrology, mostly Indian, but he does know the difference between western and indian too) always insisted that I am more of an Aries than a Taurean because according to my birth chart (Indian astrological) my Sun is in Aries (or otherwise called as Mesha) and my moon in Virgo (or otherwise called as Kanni) and I would always disagree with him because I feel more like a Taurus than a Aries. And guess what, the new news tells me that my Sun sign is Aries. Now I would have to agree with him. Good Lord! I ain’t changing my tattoo. I feel like a Taurus than an Aries. And I stick by it. And I don’t like the name Ophiuchus. Can’t they have used a nicer one ?

Losing a baggage because of delayed flight, missed interconnected flights etc is not a good experience. Even though I haven’t been there, I got the first class view of the issues around it when my friend traveled to India a couple of weekends before through Etihad. Flight started late due to some or other issues from the source, arrived 2 hours later than scheduled in Abu Dhabi. Missed the connecting flight to Bangalore. Those in economy class were given tickets via Oman Air. So they traveled from Abu Dhabi to Muscat and from Muscat to Bangalore. But their baggage didn’t and they came to know about it only when they landed in Bangalore. Imagine their surprise. It was  very bad customer service. But hey, at least my friend only had one baggage (even though it had some important documents and gifts and we were scheduled for travel in a day or two). One of the other 65 year old passenger not only did not receive her baggage, she did not have a clue about her 75 year old wheel chair bound husband too. Since he was travelling in Business class, he was put in the next flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore. And the authorities weren’t sure which one (the one that arrives that night or the one that arrives the next day morning). That was much worse. We hope that her husband was back home the same evening. The baggage did come a day later for us (and hopefully for everyone else)

Sully was a very good movie to watch. We enjoyed it. As soon as I heard those folks in the movie talk about computer simulations and how they conveyed the news that the flight could have landed successfully, the first thought was…it’s just a machine, you idiot. It can’t think like a human being, at least not yet. Well… someone else also thought the same 🙂

Finished with ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – third season’ on Netflix, finally. Also finished ‘Top of the Lake’ series, which was different and interesting. I liked it. Thanks to my friend, I started on a new series of thriller , mystery, detective books by Michael Dibdin called the Aurelio Zen Mystery series. Finished the 2nd book (Vendetta) because my friend was still on the first book (Ratking). Now I have to find out the other ones and start reading them. They were quite interesting. Sadly the TV Series were made only for the first three of them. Have to watch them once I am done with the books.

Well, that’s it from me for now. I hope there is a little less violence in the world. We have enough of the natural disasters to keep us on our toes already. Be safe! Cheers.

K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Friday

The Cosmic Photography Challenge is a little tricky this week around. You might want to check out their posts to know about the challenge. I picked Indonesia, because that is where I have been last year. Very specifically to Bali.

What do the people over there equate to Friday? Since Hinduism is widely followed in Bali, they, like us Indians who follow Hinduism, like to do religious events and auspicious events on a Friday.  friday1
This is the temple at Ayodhya Resort where a marriage had taken place just before we had checked in.

Wanna join in? Here is how:

Create a post with ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’ in the title. This week, the prompt is : five ways Friday is said around the world.. Post a photo to your blog, pingback to either Dale’s or K’lee’s post and don’t forget to add the tag #CosPhoChal to your post’s tags and you’re done!

Always a mistake

This was a truly open ended prompt because it let me think of so many things to write. But then finally I settled on something I wanted to post ever since I came back from Brighton.

When we went to Brigton on 28th May 2016, it was in the middle of the Brighton Festival that was going on in full swing. So there were events going on everywhere. In the Royal Pavilion there were doing some installations and some hindi song was playing on in the background. We were wondering what it was all about. We know that the Royal Pavilion was turned into a military hospital for Indians during the First World War. But was it some kind of commemoration that is going on because of the completion of 100 years since the place was used as an hospital?

We saw a small section where people could write something for all those people who were treated there, who were part of the war, or who just wanted to leave a simple message to everyone else. Later I figured out that it was part of an event and I quote “An ambitious new project inspired by a remarkable story of the First World War, Nutkhut’s Dr Blighty remembers an unexpected episode in Brighton’s history when the Royal Pavilion Estate became a military hospital for wounded Indian soldiers” Here are some photographs I wanted to share from there.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “mb.” Find a word that has those two letters in it, in that order, and base your post on it. Have fun!


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A-Z Book List: S for Silent (ssshhh)

Y’all know by now that my favorite genre is Mystery, Thrillers etc. I am not sure about you, but when the story gets going at a very face pace so does my adrenaline. I don’t have to do anything to increase my pressure or to increase my heart beat. Just read some of those fast paced well-written thrillers and I am sweating just by reading them. This book is one such.

Name: Silent Predator by Tony Park

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Fiction

It takes place on an African safari. Surrounded by jungles, all kind of predators lurking around the corners, people backstabbing, animals hindering the rescue process…what is not there in this story. I read this before a very important IPL T20 match. I was already all hyped up with this story and that match too increased my pressure. I was almost hyperventilating that day and it did feel like I had climbed a mountain. It was a very very good thriller and I just couldn’t keep it down. I was not ready to endure a night without knowing what happened. Not many books do that to me. This is the only book of this author that I had read. I got this book on a sale and as part of a deal. So didn’t bother looking for other books of his. Maybe I should and see if his other works are as fast paced as this one.

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