WPC: Focus

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You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus – Anonymous

1, 2, & smile!

I am no street photographer. I am not very comfortable capturing people and their expressions with a camera, even though that is one of my favorite past times. But sometimes there happens to an occasion where even without my knowledge I end up capturing someone who thinks that I am focusing on them.
For instance, this photograph which I took in Chennai Besant Nagar beach wasn’t something I expected. We were there for sunset (even though Sunsets on the east side aren’t that momentous) and for the beach (which my niece and nephew refused to leave even after it got very dark). There is a line of people who sell roasted corn. My brother and I were trying for some good fire based shots and I was prepping for it when I took this photograph. When I came back home and started uploading photographs to share with my family members is when I saw this guy and I started wondering if I remember seeing him at all. It was pure coincidence that he ended up giving that perfect smile looking at my camera as if I was focusing on him when all my concentration was on the fire and the corn.


To the random guy, I don’t know who you are but thank you for posing for my photograph 🙂