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As part of trying out new things, I did 5 guest posts in HarsH ReaLiTy. It was fun even though I was slightly nervous. It felt like I was on stage :) (Thank God, it is good that it is online and I really don’t have to speak out, because right now I am stammering a lot due to the stress at work and lack of sleep)

Here are my posts in order.
Guest Post – In house models
Guest Post – Love on top
Guest Post – Ruins and Ruminations
Guest Post – A little R & R
Guest Post – Of Festivities and Farewell

Please do check these out and let me know what do you think of them. It is mostly based on my photography, but I did try to do a series of sorts to show case the places in India and its culture.

It felt good to do that.


Guest Post – In house models


My first guest post at HarsH ReaLiTy!!!

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

வணக்கம் (that’s Hello in Tamil and pronounced ‘Vanakkam’). This is KG (a pseudonym) here from the southern parts of India. And before I say anything else, I am so glad (and slightly nervous) to be a guest author here at HarsH ReaLiTy. Thank you OM.

I dabble a bit in Photography as my hobby (apart from reading a ton of books and listening to music all day through) and as a way to record my travels too. I blog at Books, Music, Photography & Movies , where I pen my views on all of said things and some more and also at Memoirs of my Travels , where I try and chronicle my travel to various places I have had the pleasure of visiting. As part of my guest posts, I will try to show you some part of my land through my photographs. Hope you enjoy the short journey…

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Fish bone


Yesterday my friend was complaining about a fish bone that was stuck in his throat since afternoon and after checking with everyone, the remedies that were suggested were a) Eat something dry like bread (which he ate for his dinner) b) Eat rice so that it will push it down (that also he had just in case) :) Didn’t want to take a chance. But then the irritation didn’t recede. So he went to his friend, a doctor and got examined late at night and found that it was still stuck and  almost one third had gone inside the epiglottis. So today he went and got it removed. Yup, it is the size of his watch, as he showed it proudly to everyone from whom he can get sympathies :) , sometimes he is worse than a kid. But it must have been really painful for him and all that food he thought was for the remedy caused more damage and pushed it inside. He has put off all non-veg food for some time (took a fish bone to do that job for him). So, moral of the story: You can try the home remedies, but don’t rely on it too much either especially if the symptoms persist and while eating a fish, make sure you leave the bone alone.