WPC: Descent

My simple interpretations for this week’s photography challenge theme: Descent
a) On our descend to St Joan’s Point in Montserrat, Spain


b) Since I have a slight fear of heights, I didn’t try descending to the edges of the fort’s walls in Sinhagad Fort, Pune, India. But my friends did go till the edge of it.

3) And finally, a funicular’s descent in Montjuïc, Spain

(w)Rap it up

I am a Software Engineer and my work is mostly using Java (the programming language). I have seen days when Java was used by a handful of people. I learnt BASIC, COBOL and FORTRAN in my college days and I hardly remember a single line about it now and they are just as outdated as me. All I know and see now is Java. Java this, Java that, Java in this operating system etc etc etc. So when I saw this video I couldn’t help myself from laughing out loud. It is a very cool video and done very well. It does wraps up everything about Java in a Rap and the beat is very nice too. I know this post became a little too technical but if not for anything, watch the video to enjoy the way it is done, the rap and the beats.

Flower Dance

Stumbled on it by chance and loved it even though I am really not a person who would like instrumental music unless I am sitting in a nice restaurant at night with candles lighting up the place and with soft and smooth melodies of instruments making me calm, relaxed and peaceful, to enjoy the food (and may be the company too, I hope).

Mrs or Ms – Which to use

I never liked the word ‘Mrs’. Never. I don’t know why. I preferred Ms. ever since I knew that it can be used to address a woman irrespective of her marital status. But I never really knew why we have a Miss, Mrs and a new Ms for that matter. It was just known that we address all men as Mr. and married women as Mrs. and unmarried women as Miss. May be I thought it was unfair that men get to be addressed by only one prefix whereas women had to change their prefixes based on their marital status. I am not sure the reasons I had at that time. But now I think I prefer to be addressed as Ms forever, especially after reading this article, What is Mrs. short for?. Whoa! The etymology of those words !

If you happen to read that article, make sure to read the comments too, which are more entertaining.

“The greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar.” ― Michel de Montaigne,


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“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”
― Oscar Wilde