SoCS: Waiting at the entrance

I have never been away from home till I joined work. I was one of the two / three day scholars (as against the hosteler) during both of my graduations (under and post). The first time I came home after I joined work in a slightly far away city, I was greeted by my mom at the entrance. She must have been waiting there since my dad came to pick me up at the station. Her face brightened as soon as she saw me (it was just 3-4 months since she saw me actually) and suddenly I was engulfed in a hug. Tears sprang to my eyes, because I never remembered being hugged by her. We are not the hugging types actually, except for my sister who at times demands it. Honestly at that time, I wondered what went wrong considering her reaction and I even thought she was slightly over reacting. Its just 3-4 months right and I wasn’t as home sick because I called them regularly , talked through letters and they were kept well informed about the day today activities there and I , theirs. But as years passed by and I got to the same kind of treatment everytime I got home after six months (it was almost a 2 day journey from my work city) I wondered if she really missed her eldest that much.Β Over all these years, the waiting at the entrance and the big hug before I left home for my work city never changed. And I sort of started looking forward to it. In the recent years, she is not keeping that well and getting up earlier to wait for me is something she is not able to do , because of her meds which makes her drowsy. But she would be awake in her bed as soon as I enter our home and wait for me to come to her. Except for a big hug, now she makes room for me to go over and lie down with her and hug her for some time, until she gets fully awake and leaves me sleeping contentedly.

This post is written for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt by Linda.
This week your Prompt will be β€˜entrance.’ As a noun or verb, literally or loosely, you choose how to write your post around the concept.

7 thoughts on “SoCS: Waiting at the entrance”

  1. Thanks for this lovely and very personal post. My mum past away when I was 12 and I can hardly remember her but my grandmother was like that. She past away last year and I miss her terribly but she is always at the entrance to my heart. Take care πŸ™‚


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