SoCS: Points on Opposites

  • I hate people who drive on the opposite direction of a lane especially on the highways when they want to save some time getting to the other side. I am not sure where else it happens, but it happens pretty frequently here and I feel like going and ramming my car into that person’s vehicle (unless it is a bigger vehicle than mine…)
  • Opposites attract each other, I have heard. Attraction is fine, but does that help in a long term relationship? Won’t you be wasting time to try to find a middle ground where both can enjoy something ? I always had this doubt. Need to check out the psychology behind that saying and if it is really effective.
  • The opposite of love might be hate, but I believe that apathy has a more stronger reaction in people than hate. What do you think ?
  • As much as I might complain about the constant use of technology ( or social media or messenger in specific ) by people all over, it is amazing how they connect people from opposite parts of the world within a second. That really is something isn’t ?
  • And finally a quote, “If you will look about you (which most people won’t do),” says Sergeant Cuff, “you will see that the nature of a man’s tastes is, most times, as opposite as possible to the nature of a man’s business.”  ― Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone Ain’t that right ?

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “opposite.” Let it flow from your fingertips. Enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “SoCS: Points on Opposites

    1. From what I have seen in U.S it’s pretty much impossible. But here we don’t have that strict traffic regulations and the trucks and two wheelers are the main culprits.

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  1. Love and Hate are more closely related than opposites. Apathy towards someone isn’t “really” the opposite of love, but it’s kind of similar in concept. We kind of feel that cold is the opposite of hot, but it’s not actually. Cold is just the absence of heat. We kind of use a temperature spectrum, and it probably applies to love as well, but I don’t know if we put hate on that spectrum. It’s kind of it’s own thing. You might love something with a certain measurement, and hate something with a certain measurement, almost in an unrelated fashion.

    I respect that I might not be making any sense.


    1. Now that I am half way through the day (considering it is Sunday) and really really awake now, I have a few doubts. Obviously, Cold vs Hot are very different from North vs South (which as per the definition of ‘opposite’ are really the opposites right) ? I do agree that apathy is not an emotion or rather a lack of emotion , so in that sense, since love/hate requires emotion shouldn’t apathy / indifference be the opposite of love/hate?

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      1. I want to say yes, and I would consider apathy an opposite of love/hate. Your example of North/South is interesting when it comes to direction and opposites. It’s a different type of opposite than hot/cold, love/indifference, hate/indifference. The latter two are emotion spectrums, while north/south aren’t really spectrums.

        You can draw a line and label one end North and one end South, and it looks like a spectrum, but if you draw a point in the center, it’s totally north of the south end, and south of the north end.

        That’s different than say, two charged particles, one with a positive charge, and one with a negative charge. The particles have opposite charges, it’s not a spectrum like love/indifference, it’s not a relative value like position in regards to north and south.

        It may be sort of like what we mean when we say love and hate are opposites. Both of those are strong emotions but obviously different. Just like two charged particles might have the same mass and spin and “fashion, style, smell” (I forget all the weird attributes physicists use to describe particles) but have opposite charges.

        Since opposite can mean different things, I guess it is hard to answer your question.

        Thank you for posing it in the first place.


  2. I like that quote at the end. Hmm tastes opposite to needs how true. Can’t say I’ve come across many drivers coming at me the wrong way. I think apathy is stronger than hate as it evokes such cold feelings in me. And yes technology is a wonderful thing especially when you live on the opposite of the world as i do.


  3. I suppose you could say opposites attract. My boyfriend is a class A extrovert and I’m a class B introvert, and I feel his outgoing personality is good for me, for helping me “come out of my shell” some and go out and do things more. And I suppose my personality has a calming influence on him.


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