Raanjhanaa – Dhanush’s Fort



Raanjhanaa – I was skeptical to watch this because one of my friend told me that it is a sad story and that Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor will die at the end or something like that. So there went my eagerness to watch it last week. But today for some reason I watched it. May be it was weekend and I had nothing better to do. Whatever it was, I am glad to have watched it. I am not going into the story because it is a little complicated. In one simple line its about an unrequited love(s) . There is not one but two unrequited love stories in this, but it is also the story of an undying love of a boy and how he falls and falls and finally ends himself for his girl. Its sort of musical and has a poetic undertone (some of Dhanush’s dialogues are to die for, of course, I cannot repeat them here…I am not that good to remember it). It also has sarcastic and political elements in it, which sort of digresses the movie. It also feels a little stretched, but since it all falls to the life of this one man, Kundan, right from his first sighting of his girl to the last minute where he literally dies for her, its sort of a complete circle for him. His one mistake which he does in a fit of anger, the repercussions, the losses, the heartache, his penance…. there was a time in the movie where my heart literally ached for him and I was wondering if I could something , anything for this guy. Sonam Kapoor has some shades of grey in her character and she is a little confused and cynical. I cannot understand one thing though. She is a rebel, but when it comes to accepting the love of a Hindu man (not the one she loves back, but the one who loves her) well, she becomes a conventionalist… I totally did not like that. To lead a man like Kundan and then tell him about her lover, well…that was cruel. Abhay Deol has the least important role among the trio. But I guess he signed up for it knowing this, because this is totally a Dhanush’s movie.

I am glad I watched it because of his performance. It is not new to him, he has already done some similar ones in Kadhal Kondean, Aadukalam , but not a fully romantic one and definitely not like this. He is one actor who can portray a school going boy and the matured man well together. Unless he started doing serious roles, I never bothered about Dhanush’s movies. But now he surprises me all the time. Of course, sometimes its a little repetitive, but there is something in his portrayal that undermines that detail. His Hindi is also impeccable, well he recites poetry…so imagine the effort he must have put in it. Since he is from a family of pandits who migrated from Tamil Nadu, his accent is understandable and acceptable.

Story as such is a little confusing, but the performances make up for it. Music was really very good, especially the title track, which is too good. Watch it for Dhanush.

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