WPC: Unexpected

During my recent trip to Goa, among a lot of others, these two were totally unexpected.

We never thought we would see a star fish in the sea and to hold it (definitely not my hands here) but still…it was so surreal to see it live.IMG_8822And I never thought I will ever see a Kingfisher so close (again in Goa during a river boating). That bird did give me a lot of trouble to get one close up shot of it, because I so wanted to hold that moment of seeing it, with me forever.

IMG_9881The third one is from some time ago. I will never forget that moment, because it was magical for me. During one of my handful visits to U.S we planned a trip to Crater Lake thinking it would be Spring and I would get to see the lake surrounded by flowers and beautiful colors and imagine my shock when we see this, and that too first time in my life. That was totally unexpected and I really really loved it (even though I almost had frost bite)


32 thoughts on “WPC: Unexpected

  1. Nice pictures. I saw a show about King Fisher birds, They sit on branches over the water and dive down and catch fish. They do this over and over to get enough to eat.


  2. When my wife and I visited Crater Lake it was last October – a freezing cold wind, but beautiful and blue skies, nonetheless. I remember reading that Crater lake gets the most recorded snow of anywhere in the continental USA! So your unexpected photo of snow, made me smile a bit. Heh – by the way – thanks for dropping by and liking one of my recent posts – much appreciated.


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