WPC : Selfie

The most difficult weekly photo challenge : Selfie, because I don’t want to expose myself here 🙂  I have tried my level best.





30 thoughts on “WPC : Selfie

  1. Looks a bit dark…just kidding. The only reason I have a selfie was I needed one for an interview I did for a photography blog last year when I started my second year long project. There is a reason I’m behind the camera and not in front of it


    1. 🙂 Dark is better
      Thanks John.
      I am very camera conscious and totally not photogenic, which adds to my woes. So I almost never pose. But I did take a couple of them because I don’t have any other person to do that ‘modelling’ for me at home when I am bored 😉 and in fact one came out very well and I have got it framed too.


      1. I’m going to do an updated selfie for my blog soon. It’s been over a year since my last one. Quite a few more grey hairs in my beard and a few more wrinkles. I’m sure you are like me, others say you are photogenic but we can’t get it out of our minds that we aren’t


        1. 🙂 Will be checking your posts anyways for your selfie. All the best.
          And yes,I just can’t get my mind around to being in front of the camera.


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  3. Hi KG, You are a better (wo)man than I Gunga Din in your Weekly Photo Challenge – Selfie!

    Not being remotely artistic or photo-creative, I took the easy way out and posted one of my daughter’s trillion selfies…

    Your pic has mystery, not just darkness, and the dappled water is beautiful. 🙂


  4. Thanks Lee-Anne 🙂
    I wouldn’t know much of being creative either, except that I like to dabble with my photos and sometimes I do get lucky. And I liked your photo too, it had a spontaneity to it. Natural even.


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