WPC : Selfie

The most difficult weekly photo challenge : Selfie, because I don’t want to expose myself here 🙂  I have tried my level best.





30 thoughts on “WPC : Selfie”

  1. Looks a bit dark…just kidding. The only reason I have a selfie was I needed one for an interview I did for a photography blog last year when I started my second year long project. There is a reason I’m behind the camera and not in front of it


    1. 🙂 Dark is better
      Thanks John.
      I am very camera conscious and totally not photogenic, which adds to my woes. So I almost never pose. But I did take a couple of them because I don’t have any other person to do that ‘modelling’ for me at home when I am bored 😉 and in fact one came out very well and I have got it framed too.


      1. I’m going to do an updated selfie for my blog soon. It’s been over a year since my last one. Quite a few more grey hairs in my beard and a few more wrinkles. I’m sure you are like me, others say you are photogenic but we can’t get it out of our minds that we aren’t


        1. 🙂 Will be checking your posts anyways for your selfie. All the best.
          And yes,I just can’t get my mind around to being in front of the camera.


  2. Hi KG, You are a better (wo)man than I Gunga Din in your Weekly Photo Challenge – Selfie!

    Not being remotely artistic or photo-creative, I took the easy way out and posted one of my daughter’s trillion selfies…

    Your pic has mystery, not just darkness, and the dappled water is beautiful. 🙂


  3. Thanks Lee-Anne 🙂
    I wouldn’t know much of being creative either, except that I like to dabble with my photos and sometimes I do get lucky. And I liked your photo too, it had a spontaneity to it. Natural even.


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