P.K (movie)

I wasn’t sure if I would like P.K (Bollywood movie) based on the reviews and stuff and didn’t want a heavy discussion cum drama based on religious beliefs for a weekend entertainment. But I am glad I gave into my curiosity and went and watched this movie. Before proceeding ahead, “Spoiler Alert. 

OK, that taken care of, let me get into the details. So, here comes an alien in the form of Aamir Khan, who is ‘researching’ the planet Earth to go and update the people in his planet. The first human being he encounters steals his remote control to call back his spaceship and runs away in a train, in the middle of nowhere in Rajasthan, leaving his music player (the old version with the cassette tapes) in Aamir’s hands. Aamir learns that he needs to wear clothes (which he takes from ‘dancing cars’) and uses the paper with Gandhi’s photo which is in a specific format only (called as Rupees) to buy him stuff and sort of survives, until he uses his power to learn the local language from a woman (Bhojpuri). Then he asks the person who helps him (Sanjay Dutt, in a cameo) to help him find his stolen item, without giving any details. But since the stolen person left for Delhi in that train, he decides to go to Delhi, only to hear from everyone, that only God can help him and it is near to impossible to find a stolen item from another state to find it in Delhi. So then he goes in search of God, who is sort of a mystery to him because he doesn’t know who God is. Some ask him to go to the Temple, some to the Church, some to Mosque, some ask him to fast on a Monday, some on Friday, some before sunset, some after sunset. He is totally confused and starts questioning people left right and center. He doesn’t understand how a white dress which is a symbol of widowhood for one person is the color of the wedding dress for another and the black color being the color of death for one, is the normal dress code for another. He prays to each and every God in each and every way he can asking him to help him find his remote so that he can go home. But all he is left with is more questions and no answers and no help. And when finally he sees his remote, it is with a Godman who claims it to be his and that it was given to him by his God.

Here enters the news reporter Jaggu, played by very beautiful Anushka( love her hairstyle ) who is linked to this Godman (shown through the first 30 minutes of the movie) and how she helps P.K (the alien , as he is called by everyone, because they all think he is drunk) to get his remote back (after listening to his story and finally accepting that he is indeed an alien and not a mental asylum patient. How they go about achieving it by questioning the Godman , the people’s beliefs on their religion etc forms the rest of the story.

The movie questions a lot of our beliefs, but it doesn’t favor atheism, but merely questions why people believe different kinds of God, why people rely on Godmen, do you really believe in God or what others project to you about God, etc etc. No wonder there are lot of negative publicity going on. Religious sentiments based movies are a tricky subject especially in such a secular country. But I think, people should take it in a positive stride. If this movie was done by any other actor and any other director with even a small change it would have sunk. But this one was hilarious at least for most of the part. The second part became a little sentimental and emotional with the love angle between the alien and the reporter and stuff like that. But then it does what it intended to do. It does make you think. And the rest is left to your belief. They don’t preach. They don’t rationalize, even though it does happen at the final encounter but not to a big dramatic extent. It was like a kid asking you questions about your faith, about your belief which sometimes make you think twice. It was just that. Not that it was a great one. Had flaws enough. But, I really liked it.

10 thoughts on “P.K (movie)”

      1. Yes it was indeed. You have correctly mentioned, that the things took a sentimental turn, but that did not ruin the plot.

        Also the plot had some similarities with Paresh Rawal starrer Oh My God, but then again the treatment in PK was unique.

        However I could not justify the blast in railway station. Was it really necessary for the progress of the story? I am not sure.

        But overall quite enjoyable movie.


        1. i haven’t seen OMG but I guess the subtle difference between that and this movie is that the protagonist there is an atheist, and here he doesn’t know anything about God. And I hate that even stars like Aamir Khan and RKH had to resort to blowing up family or friends to highlight a point. I wish they would stop doing that.

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  1. Oh man my mum is obsessed with that movie ! lol
    I think it is partly because she loves Amir Khan. He IS indeed out of this world though, with his unique concepts for all the movies and a great human being as I’ve heard 🙂


    1. 🙂 Don’t know much about him as a person, but this movie and it’s concept is very good. Reminds us of his satyameva jeyate series a bit though.


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