Let’s pay it, are you up for it?

Maggie posted this interesting idea in her blog (I don’t see a re-blog option in her blog) Please do visit her post for more details of it.

And here is the text from her blog

The first five people that comment on this post with “I’m in” will receive a surprise from me at some point this year (2015), anything – a book, a ticket, something home-grown, homemade, a postcard, any surprise!

And I joined her’s and now its my turn to try and pay it forward. Any interested to join me in this fun ? Wanna get a gift from me ? Please leave your comment with ‘I’m in’ and either  your email address or an email to me.

And to use her last line as is

Remember the act is kindness so only respond if you truly will keep this going and fulfill your end of the bargain.

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