The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing – What is not there to watch ? So yes, obviously I went for that movie ‘The Imitation Game‘ as this week’s Saturday entertainment. When the movie started, and Benedict is shown sitting in that chair, I became a little bit too enthusiastic and clapped and whooped, much to the embarrassment of my friend and eventually myself, because I was the only one who did that 😳 But then that was just for a sec. Dumb audience I say. It is based on a true story, story about Alan Turing and how he and his fellow mathematicians helped during the World War by breaking the code for Enigma and later the same nation punished him for being gay, which they say eventually led to his death (either by suicide or the impact of the treatments they gave him according to the credits). The movie’s greatest plus according to me was the dialogues. They were so humorous and fun and also very deep in most places.  All the actors have done an amazing job, but Benedict truly makes you feel, makes you laugh with his one-liners, makes your heart beat a little faster when he is almost close to the solution, almost makes you cry when he suffering the after effects of his medication to cure his homosexuality etc. But I think the kid who played the young Alan Turing also did a wonderful job, especially in the scene where the headmaster talks to him about Christopher. That kid with the stoic face was amazing. The movie isn’t linear. It goes back and forth between his childhood, his time during the war and his current state where he is arrested for his sexuality. I just loved the movie. If not for anything or anyone, watch it for the amazing performance by Benedict and the wonderful dialogues.

4 thoughts on “The Imitation Game”

  1. Really looking forward to seeing this. I do think he is a truly charismatic actor who has great presence and a rare vocal ability and mannerisms that few have these days. And the story really interests me.


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