WPC: Grace

For this week’s photography challenge theme: Grace, here are my entries

Ladies performing a flamenco dance near Seville Cathedral.


The Kalaripayatu performance with some graceful yogic movements.



Wordless Wednesday 

WPC: Quest

“Though the quest may take its toll,
We’ll march until we reach our goal,

― Brian Jacques

That is exactly what we did when we decided to do our 2-3 hour trekking in Chinnar (on the way to Munnar). We wanted to spot some wildlife even though there weren’t any chances of it because of the hot and humid weather (the lack of monsoon had its toll in that area)


I got a new pair of shoes because this was a last minute decision and I did not have any of my shoes with me at that time. Very cool shoes, don’t you think 😉 ?


And finally after an hour into the dry and deserted trek, look what we found. They were in a huge group, so I had my time to get my zoom lens out. Looked like those deer’s were in their quest to get some shade.


There is our guide, who was in his own quest to spot that lone wild elephant we saw during our drive to Chinnar.


Our trekking did not end here. We ended up walking to a small stream where we found beautiful birds. But that is for another day.

I leave you with an imagery of the beautiful Western Ghats seen from Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Can you see the small green roof? That is where our trek started. We had such a fun time 🙂 even though by the end of it, we were tanned ( at least my friend was) and I had lost a kg or two just by sweating.


Watching me Watching you

Watching me watching you
Girl, I believe that it’s true
That it’s your loving me
That makes my life a paradise
-Bill Withers



Fiery Kiss

A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.- Crystal Woods