Birmingham in 10

At Victoria Square, but used for Council House
Guess he wasn’t happy with all the visitors to the BullRing
A lazy trip in a boat along the canal is a good way to de-stress. Been there, done that and forgot the T-Shirt
You can choose which way you wanna let your boat take you
Old and Mossy but still Majestic
Looks like a kid’s building block plaything but does stand out among the modern 
A Gem is hidden among the rubble’s of concrete and cement for new buildings
Only if all the other libraries looked this fancy, heh!
What better way to see a National Sea Life Museum but from the waterways 😉 (during our rainy boat trip)
When in Birmingham, think of Rome.



“One must be a sea, to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Architecture

In the center of the city of Brighton, you will see a huge and prominent building called Royal Pavilion, which once served as a Military hospital for Indians during the First World War. When I saw I was reminded of the Golconda Fort and other Mughal Palaces in India, the ones I have been were in Hyderabad. This Royal Pavilion has a Mughal and Islamic Architectural elements to it and is very evident from its exterior. My friend told me that the place is ornate, but I wasn’t interested to see it that day. Perhaps next time. The exterior was designed by John Nash, a British architect.


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It has started

Last week I was talking about how London doesn’t seem to have too many signs as of yet about the EU Referendum and such. Looks like it is getting hotter by the day (and I am definitely not talking about the weather here. It is still cold and I swear that I saw it in the news that there will be heat waves. I am wondering when will that be. Probably after I leave London this weekend). I have started to see posters on people’s windows (saw one more on my way back closer to where I am staying) and some plays and events related to the same. Here is one I caught on my phone. It is on the Drummond Street corner. In case you wanna attend it 🙂

I wish all people who are voting ‘Good Luck’ and may you make the right choice.

Harry Potter Walking Tour

During my week long vacation in London, the first thing that we did was to do that Harry Potter Walking tour that I had missed three years ago.
We took Muggle Tours walking tour and our guide was Mr. Lockhart (I swear that it is his true name) who was amazing and hilarious. I was hoping that my friend who is currently in his 6th book might be spared from any spoilers. I did spoil Dumbledore’s death for him long ago. But thankfully it was OK. We went through some of the spots where the movie was shot and the guide told us so many tidbits and inside information not just about Harry Potter but also about London and the places we were going. It also included a Tube journey from London Bridge to West Minister and the whole tour was about 2.5 hours. It was so much fun. We had some quizzes on the way. If you are a HP fan, you should take at least one of these just for fun of going out and about where the movie was shot.

Where Leaky Cauldron was located.
Can you see the Knights bus dashing down? Nope… You are a muggle then.
The bridge where the Wizards keep flying over and about
New Scotland Yard location where Ron and Harry sneak into the Ministry
Cecil Court Street – Apparently the place that inspired JKR for Diagon Alley. The Watkins Books is a very old book shop.