Awww man!!! WTH!

Spoiler Alert

Finally, I completed the 5th book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series:  Dance of the Dragons just an hour ago and I am still wondering what the hell happened. Actually the problem is that too many things happened in this book and I am yet to come to terms and I am 😡

Why? Why does he have to do that to Jon Snow? While reading I did feel that it was getting too good to be true. It’s GRRM’s fault that I am becoming more cynical. I even asked my friend if Jon Snow is going to be alive till the end. The only answer I ever get from him was ‘Just read! Why do you even ask I don’t know!’ And today when I finished that chapter where at the end Jon lay down in the cold with multiple stab bleeding and calling Ghost,  this is what happened. img4

And there was Dany whose fate was dangling but at least there was a closure to that. Poor Poor Quentyn and what the hell was he thinking… dragons are not dolls dear. And…..Reek oops Theon, that effing idiot. I don’t even know what to think. Did Bran forgive him when he saw him through that tree ? Is his penance done ? What is going to happen to Arya now ? Aegon again ! Whoa that was a BIG surprise actually. I hope he has some sense to follow Jon Connington. I should say I was a little happy when Cersei had to accept her sins and confess. But sad for losing Jaime. Finally , finally when I thought I would never hear about him, there comes Varys finally doing one thing I didn’t expect him to do. Man! too many plots, too many treacheries, too many surprises. My head is spinning.

Now I have to start watching the series.


8 thoughts on “Awww man!!! WTH!”

  1. I was really annoyed with book 5- even moreso than book 4. I had been warned that 4 spent a lot of time with “new characters.” I had not been warned that book 5 has everyone’s favorites twiddling their thumbs and screwing up, but not even in interesting ways, up until the very, very end when he hits you with an abrupt question mark. All that build up with no payoff, then how many years till the next book? Thanks a lot, GRRM! (hmph!)

    I understand now why most of my friends who were into the series pre-HBO have given up on it. That was a giant book to get through and be left hanging!


    1. Yeah, I totally understand. I blame my friends (or rather two of them) who sort of made me read this and now I am stuck with these questions and no answers for a little too long. And I have started watching the series too and I know I will finish it in another month. And then ? 😥 I hate cliffhangers.


      1. So, I had been refusing to read the books because it looked suspiciously like one of those series that might never end, but supposedly there only supposed to be seven. Then we watched the first season of the show, because it was less commitment, and I liked it, but still refused to read the book because it was more sex and violence than I like in books. Then my wife read the first one and insisted it was not as gratuitous as the show, so I gave them a shot and got really hooked.

        Only my friends who had read them pre-HBO were sort of like, “Eh, been there, done that.” Now I understand why!

        I think I finished the last book about 9 months ago, and the longer I have to wait, the more annoyed I get about certain things. (Honestly, I’m not sure how, but I’m so convinced that John Snow is going to be revived, by Melissandre, or the beyond-the-wall-kind-of-magic, or something, it’s actually started to irritate me, although I usually like John and it’s not like I really wish him dead, but…)

        Oh, and as someone who was reading the books and watching the seasons of the show, all interspersed, I also got grumpy about the bunches of little spoilers that happen in the show- like a character who’s still alive in the books dies on the show, so you know there’s no point in wondering if (s)he is going to do anything else in the books after all.

        But it’s not like I’m going to stop reading them or anything!


        1. Yeah 🙂 Books always has the better deal no matter what. And I also feel that Jon is key to the story so may be, just may be he will come back. But with GRRM you never know.


          1. And they go so crazy on the show, working in all the extra sex and violence they can. “Oh, these people are scheming. Why don’t we have them talk about politics IN the brothel? Or, even better, maybe we can have a threesome going on in the background. Multiple sets of boobs will get the real message of this scene across!”… again, not like I’m going to stop watching the show either!

            But now most of my friends will only touch the books OR the show, not both, so they are not fun to complain to:-(


            1. I agree with you on that at least from the four episodes of the first season I have seen. Too much of sex and violence. The shows for me are more of a way to reconnect with the story and put faces to the names. That’s all it is. And also a quick reference to the story.


              1. The show is fun… some seasons/episodes are better than others. I thought some differences are fun- Joffrey, like all the kids, is older, so he can be a much more active villain, and I think the actor playing him does an amazing job.


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