Catty Business

I am not sure if you people know anything about my (mis)adventures with animals, mostly cats. I did a whole rant post. Among all animals that have troubled me, cats rank the first. If you read that post you will understand. They never were happy to see me. Want proof, check this post.  If you see, there is an underlying theme there. They don’t like me and they think they can overtake me and my home. I don’t really care for their liking towards me, because it is sort of mutual, even though I can’t hate any animals, liking is a different matter altogether. But the second one, I do have a say and unless you are a very big animal like Elephant/Lion or something like that, I can overtake and overthrow you from ‘my’ home. Period.

What brought this on? Yesterday while I was locking my front door on my way out, I heard a distinct meow. Wondering if my nightmares are coming true I turned around and saw that there wasn’t any cat nearby. But then the sound kept increasing and in a few seconds, I saw a cat coming down the stairs. I am waiting for the day when they arrive by lifts, but then the lift in my apartment is of the grilled sort. So, unless someone helps them, they can’t.  It came down to my floor. Sat on the floor and started meowing me. I tried to ask the cat, if it wanted anything and why is it even in this apartment. It started to meow a little forcefully and strongly as if it was annoyed that I didn’t get what it said. It felt for that minute that the cat was really trying to tell me something and then started to scold me because I wasn’t getting a single word of what it was saying. Thankfully my watchman, who was on his way down, chased the cat away. Not before it turned and gave me ‘that’ look. Why? I thought I was done with them. Not again, man. Not again.

6 thoughts on “Catty Business”

  1. I feel like we talk random gibberish when we meow or bark or whatever at an animal. Our conversation skills probably look something like.
    Cat – Hello human, how are you today?
    Human – Tax audits
    Cat – Why do you always do this human!

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  2. So funny to read you and the “translations” behind the behaviors. I’m not a huge fan of cats either, they just don’t bother me; but dogs, they usually can have the best expressions and you can almost really hear them!!
    Really, it’s so funny to think that way, I’d like to be a fairy and hear them, for real!

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    1. I had a dog once and I almost felt the same 🙂 As if they can understand you well enough. But I am still not sure if I want to hear them 😛 They might use some very bad language to scold us humans.


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